Doing commissions for clients. Doing a commission for a client brings its own challenges. ………… Firstly, it isn’t going to be a painting for oneself in the hope that someone may like it and buy it. It’s usually a client who has seen your work and wants a painting for themselves, based on something of yours that they have seen and liked. Or they may like your style, but want something of their own that they feel you can express for them.   Secondly, for the client, the painting is an investment and they are usually very specific about what they want. So, from the beginning, I like to deal directly with the client to find out what it is they want and where the painting is to be hung. The client knows what size they would like and what room it will hang in, so this can affect the colours you use as quite often, the colour scheme of a room will be mentioned.   I like to deal directly with clients. This way, I can get a feel very quickly for what the client requires.   If t